A Complete Relocation Service

Moving office is a major logistical exercise. It requires careful planning and project management to ensure it all happens with minimum disruption to business. CONFICARGO GROUP has helped some of the Europe's top companies to relocate. Behind every office removal, large or small, lie particular requirements that our dedicated team will fulfill.

Every detail is covered in a comprehensive pre-move survey that leads to meticulous documentation, packing and unpacking of each item. A pre-move survey will identify and highlight any special packing requirements and our experienced workforce uses the latest systems for safe handling of the heaviest and most delicate office equipment.

Not all office moves can take place overnight and because of this our customers can access our extensive warehouse and storage facilities for the safekeeping of office furniture, computers and documents until they are ready to move.   Conficargo will make the process run smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Packing Service

We will provide containers five days (or when advised) in advance of your move dates and we will leave them with you until we receive advice that a collection is required. Please ensure that the containers are not overfilled, so that they can be neatly stacked on top of each other. To avoid extra costs, all containers should be made available for collection as quickly as possible after the move.

We also offer a packing service whereby our experienced packing team will be on-site and pack on your behalf, thus enabling your business to run as normal until the very day of removal.

Services Box - AUTOPACKING

Conficargo can provide you in your own home with all kind of moving products.  Plastic boxes, box all dims, plastics, etc. You take your most interesting service for your international movers.

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