Lead European Logistics Solutions


As companies expand globally, it becomes more difficult for them to manage the number of local and regional logistics partners needed to support increasingly complex, fragmented supply chains.

As a lead logistics services provider (LLP), Conficargo Group has invested strongly in LLP expertise and management capabilities. What differentiates Conficargo Lead Logistics from others is that we've taken the concept from theory to practice. We have real-world experience that gives us the ability to develop the process, people and technology required to deliver LLP solutions.

Conficargo Group Lead Logistics provides customers with proven global end-to-end management of their supply chains. Through systems, processes and management, we are able to lower supply chain costs, increase flexibility and inventory velocity, as well as redefine supply chain partnerships. We specialize in supply chain:

  • End-to-end management
  • Re-engineering and optimization
  • Collaboration

We deliver real-world lead logistics solutions by:

www.conficargo.es info@conficargo.com